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We compare whether the emotions published in the media correspond to your brand values. observe your competitors and give you tips on how you can gain an emotionally stronger profile and become even more distinguishable. support you with issue management and identify viral topics for you.

“Valuable information for everyone who has already thought about their brand, but was not yet aware that it can also be measured!”

Alexandra StarkPersonal Brand Strategist, Branded by Results

“I find a lot of interesting approaches here. It’s worth reading through the individual positions in peace.”

Marita TriniusContent manager, Funke media group

“From my point of view it is still a very exciting approach. Marketing psychology and neuro-marketing have increasingly shaped corporate communication in recent years.

Philipp Schulte-UentropFreiberufler, Restrukturierung | Finanzierung | M&A, Financial Advisory Services

“I find the tool very exciting – especially the personality-related approach, in which I see interesting parallels to the Enneagram. Good luck with it!”

Dr. Ingo WuddelBerater, Trainer und Coach, Integrale Beratung für Mensch & Unternehmen

“An interesting approach. I share your opinion and, after all, it has been scientifically proven that we make our decisions emotionally. We look for rational arguments, there are mostly for and against. The decision-maker chooses those that fit his emotional attitude.” .

ChrisCommercial Vehicle Sales Manager

Very exciting findings….

Marc MissmahlPartner, Managing Partner, ARKADIA FIRE GmbH (A company of the ARKADIA consulting group)

“Uli Baumert is right: Emotional positioning is best received today. People want clear messages with a bang.”

Gunther SchnatmannShareholder, HR consultant, PR specialist, media trainer, schnatmann media and topcom academy

“I read your assessments of Boris Johnson with great interest. No question – the” product “always buys people. Your analyzes are therefore very exciting, especially how emotions can be measured and evaluated.”

Sabine Blessing Leitung PR & Marketing - StarCapital AG

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Just a moment! Are you measuring your brand?

Marke messen: Schauen Sie jetzt durch die rosarote Brille! Oder durch die für die Sonnenfinsternis. Himmelhochjauchzend zu Tode betrübt – ganz gleich: Hauptsache Emotionen! Und bitte lassen Sie Ihren Verstand zuhause! Es geht ums Schafshirn: Schlaf, Atmung, Essen, Sex und Arterhaltung. Also bitte nur Argumente, soweit die Gefühle reichen. Und soweit sie unser irrationales Verhalten im Nachhinein rechtfertigen können.

Wir messen Marke online und in Echtzeit. Wir analysieren, welche Emotionen Ihre Unternehmenskommunikation vermittelt. Wir gleichen ab, ob diese Emotionen Ihren Markenwerten entsprechen. Wir beobachten Ihre Mitbewerber und geben Ihnen Hinweise, wie Sie emotional ein stärkeres Profil gewinnen und noch unterscheidbarer werden. Wir unterstützen Sie beim Issue Management und können virale Themen leichter identifizieren. 

Denn das heißt Marke. Und so funktioniert Marke. Und wir blicken hier ausschließlich durch die Markenbrille.

Na mal schauen, wie weit wir damit kommen.

Three basic elements in brand measurement



Avoid danger!

Avoid change!

Search for security!

Strive for stability!

Don’t waste energy!



Assert yourself!

Strive up!

Be better than the others!

Increase your power!

Oust your competitors!

Expand your territory!


STIMULANZ is all about new stimuli, breaking out of the familiar, about variety and differentness

Find new charms!

Break out of the familiar!

Discover your environment!

Looking for variety!

Avoid boredom!

Be different from the others!

People want simple solutions. The world is becoming more and more complex. Brands promise security, orientation and predictability. They work through emotions. Logical explanatory approaches in politics, business and society meanwhile fail because of an unmanageable wealth of facts and consequently because of monstrous complexity.

Everything depends on and with everything. Still: we have to choose. From choosing toothpaste to choosing a political party. If we want to or not. We mostly rely on simplicity, awareness and our feeling. So are we. More like Homer Simpson than the Real Economic Mad Man. And that is efficient. Because if we were to fully evaluate all the information about each of our decisions, the selection of the right toothpaste alone would probably take up to our third teeth.

As the writers of this blog, we are part of the machinery. Because we are brand creators. We value the benefits of brands and want to promote them. This also includes honestly and openly showing how brands address the subconscious.

Together with our partner Pressrelations and the brand expert Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kumbartzki developed the new Media Monitor brand. In contrast to conventional media response analyzes, this tool is about the emotional positioning of your brand in online media and social media.

We measure online and in real time which emotions your corporate communication conveys. We compare whether these emotions correspond to your brand values. We monitor your competitors and give you tips on how you can gain a stronger emotional profile and become even more distinguishable. We support you with issue management and can identify viral topics more easily.

Our self-image

Marke messen: Wir beobachten die Emotionen, die der Entscheidung für eine Marke zu Grunde liegt

  • Als sozial verantwortliche Markenmenschen beurteilen oder verurteilen wir diese Emotionen nicht. Denn wir sind Teil des Systems.
  • Aus unserer Sicht ist die Reduktion der wachsenden Komplexität des Lebens auf drei, maximal sechs Grundemotionen für Entscheidungen effizient und effektiv.
  • Wir sind weltanschaulich neutral, parteipolitisch ungebunden, bevorzugen keine Konfession, Nationalität oder gar ein Geschlecht.
  • Unser Ziel ist es, unsere eigenen Emotionen so weit wie möglich aus unseren Analysen herauszuhalten. Wir wollen die Welt der Emotionen so beschreiben, wie sie ist.
  • Wir erheben wir uns nicht intellektuell über die Emotionen anderer Menschen. Wir lieben Homer Simpson, weil er vor allem eins ist: Mensch. Natürlich lieben wir auch March Simpson.



based on Häusel, HG: Brain Script, (2005)

People make rational decisions. With every decision (in your head or on paper) you make a tally sheet with all the advantages and disadvantages. Finally, you choose the option that has more advantages in a strictly logical manner. So much for the theory of the economic man.

The reality looks different. Like Homer Simpson, we make decisions based on gut instinct. We use our intellect to rationally justify our gut decisions retrospectively.

The sheep brain, also the limbic system of humans, knows three basic emotions that are decisive for decisions: balance, stimulation and dominance. balance stands for security and stability. Dominance stands for assertiveness and striving for power. At Stimulation it’s about new stimuli, breaking out of the familiar, variety and otherness. In humans, the basic motifs are in constant competition with one another and sometimes logically contradict one another. Anyone who addresses many basic emotions at the same time and permanently makes a lasting impression. Those who keep these emotional performance promises permanently become a brand.


Measure brands with the brand personality profile of Prof. Jennifer Aaker

US professor Jennifer Aaker (Stanford University) is the pioneer in brand measurement. It describes brands based on 42 characteristic properties. Aaker, defines brand personality as “the set of human characteristics associated with a brand”. We also use these properties to measure brands.


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